Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WNW: Pork Jokes Galore

This was sent in by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous due to embarrassment.  I, however, have no sense of shame and therefore am quite happy to post this:

Yes, that's right. Baconlube is bacon-flavored personal lubricant. 

I'd make a joke that "You shouldn't bring your hog into the Holy of Holies," but that wouldn't be kosher.

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  1. Well, there was one time some non bacon uh. . product. had to be purchased. By someone who will remain nameless. :-) Now, like buying feminine hygiene things, get what you need, then
    camaflauge it at the counter with other cheap crap so it's not the only thing you are buying so people don't

    Why I once brought home a box of tampax and 13 bag of tater tots.

    So I get the lube and add about a dozen cheapo packs of dental floss.

    I'm at the counter, the clerk is this ancient polish guy.

    He sort of looks at it all funny, is trying not to laugh, the other people in line behind me are trying not to look

    So I just say "it's getting harder and harder to keep those damn squirrels out of the feeder."

    And everyone lost it.


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