Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's an Easter Miracle

I am thrilled to report that Squeaky has reached her goal and all of her medical procedures have been fully funded!  Thank you everyone who contributed and made this possible!

You realize what this means, right?


Now is the time to start sending in suggestions for what kind of lesson you'd like Twilight Sparkle & the girls to learn or to teach. As I said earlier, here are the following restrictions:

  1. It must be a kid-friendly topic. No implied bloodshed, please.
  2. It must involve the ponies and guns I already own. As hysterical as it would be for Fluttershy to review the Barret M82,* I don't own either.
  3. Ammo is expensive and scarce these days. If you want me to actually shoot things for the post -- example, "Twilight Sparkle discusses the differences between 9mm and .380 on watermelons" -- then you'd better be prepared to donate some cash for the cause so I can replenish what I use. 
 * McThag suggested I have her say "It goes," (deep breath), "bang."

To round out tonight's Sunday Pony Sunday, I leave you with Double Rainboom, a full-length, fan-produced MLP episode made by some very smart and talented people -- including friend of this blog Joie Brown!

What does this meeeeeaaaaaaan?  ;)


  1. Whooo! Thank you for the shout out and signal boost. <3

  2. Flutteryshy review best review.

  3. Fluttyshy review best review.

    Arg Disgus Why you no let me login under blog?

  4. I don't know. Problem started when Disqus forced an upgrade. I preferred the old way, personally.


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