Monday, March 25, 2013

My life in a single picture

Both of these came in the mail today. I think this is an accurate summary of who I am.

I wonder if I could get venture capital for a store that sold both firearms (& ammo) and My Little Pony. According to the Rules of the Internet, it should make a killing despite being a highly specialized store.

Right now I'm torn between calling it "Glock & Pony" or "Nines and Equines."


  1. Why not "My Little Pistol: Firearms are Magic"

  2. Nines? You're going to be promoting those pansy NATO calibers? Shame on you, you'll never break out of the MLP ghetto that way.

  3. Hoofbump Fire and Accessories

  4. You could always sell *REALLY* cheap, no-warranty guns and call it The Dog and Pony Show.


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