Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Blogular Strikes

  • The weather here is completely bipolar. It's near freezing in the morning (mid 30s, low 40s), ramps up quickly once the sun starts shining, and by 6 pm it's bright and sunny and in the low to mid 70s. My parents have lived in Florida for a quarter century and they've never seen anything like it, especially the freezing temps this close to April.
  • But yeah, it's crazy.  This is the second week in a row that started out fine, and by Thursday I was in allergy/sinus hell, with drainage and congestion taking the parts of dueling banjos within my head. The obligatory headache from the pressure change is just a bonus!
  • Speaking of weather...
  • Speaking of health, both Roberta and Tam report that Der Tamschnozz is healing nicely. Thank you to everyone who donated to her surgery!
  • Speaking of donations, Squeaky Wheel is very close to reaching funding for her Lyme uber-blood test. If you haven't donated yet, please do so! Take that money you'd spend on a fast-food meal and give it to her medical fund instead
  • Speaking of speaking of, there is a horrible pun inbound. Brace yourselves.
  • Speaking of puns, I will put my pony where my mouth is:  if Squeaky reaches her goal, I will make another Glockenpony post!  You readers will get to decide what it's about, pursuant to the following restrictions:
  1. It must be a kid-friendly topic. No implied bloodshed, please.
  2. It must involve the ponies and guns I already own. As hysterical as it would be for Fluttershy to review the Barret M82, I don't own either.
  3. Ammo is expensive and scarce these days. If you want me to actually shoot things for the post -- example, "Twilight Sparkle discusses the differences between 9mm and .380 on watermelons" -- then you'd better be prepared to donate some cash for the cause so I can replenish what I use.
  •  Speaking of ammo, this is an excellent rebuttal:

  • Speaking of talking out one's ass, I'm off to meet some friends in St. Augustine for fried gator tail. Have a great weekend, everypony!


  1. Best. Post. Title. EVAH.

    Nice picture, too.

  2. Donated to Squeeky, hope she gets what she needs. I would LOVE to see the follow up for that. Best Post indeed!


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