Monday, April 23, 2007

... and we're back!

After the thrice-damned 3-column affair, as I'm calling around these parts, we are finally back online and Lurking in a Rhythmic manner once again. I've managed to reconstruct most of the page -- sadly, I fear my Discordian Time widget may never work again -- but many, many hyperlinks were lost, including the participants in my Literary Comic Mash-Up Extravaganza. I maintain a glimmer of hope that Google has cached an old copy of my blog somewhere.

Sweet Buttery Eris, I certainly dropped many f-bombs earlier, didn't I? Practically a profanity arclight. I apologize for the loss of my composure. Nevertheless they must still all die screaming.

Also, my brother flew in from D.C. to attend a class at the local FAA school in nearby Palm Coast, so he spent the day with us before his classes begin on Monday. Between his visit and my repair of the site, I was unable to update the site as promised.

At this point I feel very much like Sisyphus. I'll never be able to catch up now... the best I can do is draw a line here and say, "Henceforth there shall be fresh posts and no dilly-dallying!"

Unless, you know, you like having your dilly dallied. And who doesn't? But I digress...

Anyway, I will have better blogfodder for you tomorrow.


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