Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fox Cancels Drive


I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that Fox would cancel a Tim Minear show without giving it time to find its feet.

Really, who here is surprised? If The X-Files had debuted now instead of in the 90s, I'm sure Fox would have cancelled it within 13 episodes, too.

Want to know something? I didn't watch Drive for precisely this reason. I knew they'd shitcan it.

Also, I refuse to watch anything Fox produces. I still haven't forgiven them for cancelling Firefly.

For those inclined, the daily Two Minutes Hate against Rupert Murdoch begins promptly at 2pm Eastern time.


  1. Ohh...I've a friend that's going to go positively thermonuclear over this. This woman goes weak in the loins at the mere mention of Nathan Fillion, and this is TWICE now that Fox has deprived her of her fix..

  2. Actually the main reason you were right to avoid Drive? It was terrible. Poor writing. A plot that makes even less sense then Cannonball Run. And other than Fillion and the guy who played Jubal Early on Firefly full of badly acted, unlikable characters...

  3. I love a good two minute hate.
    Let's see if we can melt his face off!
    Of course if it hasn't happened by now we'll just have to accept that his pact with the devil awards him stronger supernatural protection than we'd previously suspected...


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