Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dark Feast

I'm going to phone this one in, folks. Mom has her surgery tomorrow, and it's been nuts here. At least it's not midnight... yet.... so I'm going to post an Invocation I created for my D&D character, who is a Warlock.

If you don't understand it, my apologies. As I said, I'm just posting this thing to fulfill my mandate of "Something creative every night, Monday-Saturday".

If you do speak D&D, I made this because my Warlock is power-hungry, and while there are lots of neat invocations there are precious few slots for them... so I borrowed a page from Highlander.

The Dark Feast
Lesser Invocation; 4th

This invocation, when performed over a dying or recently (within an hour) dead warlock, allows the caster to absorb previously unknown Invocations.

Limitations: The caster can only absorb Invocations of grades he is capable of casting (so a 7th level Warlock can only absorb Least and Lesser Invocations, regardless of the CL of the Warlock he defeats), and can only absorb a number of Invocations equal to the caster's Charisma bonus. It takes a full-round action to absorb one Invocation.

I don't think this is overpowered because:
  1. It's useless unless I kill another Warlock;
  2. Limits what I can take based on class level and Charisma;
  3. Makes me a big ol' target to all the other Warlocks out there.

Plus, it brings a nicely cannibalistic mood to a class that's supposed to be dark and witchy but is frequently regarded as "just another caster."

Hah! A minute to spare!

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