Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Et miscellanea

ITEM! I have a new header. Special thanks to Shane Bailey of Near Mint Heroes for designing it.

ITEM! According to this document, you only have until April 5 to vote for Omnicron! Don't delay!

ITEM! Chris Sims has a fetish for goth girls! I take credit for this.

ITEM! I love this picture and need to put it on this page. It might just end up in my Profile.

ITEM! Dante of A Blog Called T has declared Lurking Rhythmically to be "one of his favorite blogs."

ITEM! For those perplexed by the phonetic Chinese in the April Fools' post, here are the translations:
  1. Tian Fuhn Di Fu: "Sky tumbles while earth turns over" -- complete disarray or sheer pandemonium.
  2. Da shiong la se la ch'wohn tian: "Explosive diarrhea of an elephant."
  3. Juh shi suh mo go dohng shee: "What the hell is this crap?"
  4. Lio coh jwei ji neong hur ho deh yung duh buhn jah j'wohn: "Stupid son of a drooling whore and a monkey."
  5. Juh guh jee hua juhn kuh pah: "There's nothing in this plan that isn't horrific."
ITEM! All these fun curses and more can be found in the Serenity RPG!

ITEM! Speaking of Serenity, I really, really want this.

ITEM! Heliumpunk is proceeding nicely. Plok and I are hammering out the details of the setting, and characters and plot are beginning to make themselves known.

ITEM! Expect another article about guns in the near future. I stopped replying because I figured if I kept at it there'd be another full blog in the comments section, but then I wouldn't get credit for it, and what's the point in all that?

ITEM! The phrase "Shot my wad" comes from the era of muzzle-loaders, when soldiers in the heat of battle would forget to insert a bullet after pouring in the gunpowder and tamping down the wad of cotton that held it in place, and end up shooting a blank.

ITEM! I've shot my wad.

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