Friday, April 13, 2007

Painkiller Same

Friday the 13th? Big whoop.

Monday the 13th? Now that's scary.

I saw Painkiller Jane tonight. It was okay, in a mindless fun sort of way. The acting was horrible and the plot was perfunctory, but it kept me entertained for an hour. Unless the quality improves quickly I don't expect it to last very long.

Or they could pander to the "hot girls with big guns" crowd: lots of cheesecake and high-caliber fully-automatic weapons, with a sassy attitude and snarky sense of humor. Make it a satire of all things testosterone, in the way Special Unit 2 was a satire of X-Files, and it could develop a following.

Did anyone else think that Kristanna Loken was nowhere near as attractive as she was in Terminator 3? And dear god, someone help her work on her delivery.

Half-assed post, I know. I'm tired from getting up at dawn to walk dogs, then being at the doctor's office all morning with my mother.

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