Monday, May 14, 2007

Depression Monday

Hopefully this won't turn into a recurring theme like Dead Piro Days, but nonetheless I need to beg off of writing today's entry. My allergies have been killing me, which means I haven't been sleeping well due to not being able to get enough air at night. (Sleep apnea, whee.)

And in addition to being tired and clogged, my "Middle of the month, every month, like freaking clockwork" depression is back, no doubt made worse by exhaustion and oxygen debt.

I'm going back to bed. Maybe the world will end while I'm sleeping so I won't have to deal with this mess any more.


  1. I hope you get better soon. :-)



  2. That NEVER bloody happens. I'll have you know, I once went to church for 2 years, waiting for the end of the world, and I feel cheated every day that things just keep going on and on and on without the credits rolling.

    I grew up guaranteed that I'd see the end of the world before I was an adult. Now I don't believe a thing the religious types tell me. Just like the flying cars and robot maids, it's all a pack of broken dreams..

  3. Call Dr. Bombay.

  4. i have days like that too,in fact i have entire weeks like is one of the joys of being bi-polar.i am moodier than joan crawford on a good day;)oh ireally miss how sedated i use to feel on the largactil but i got immune to it,dammit.


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