Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday is Firefly Day

Or is that "Firefriday"? Anyways...

Given all the flack that has occurred regarding that thrice-damned MJ statue, I now present you with a picture of a good one:

Notice the subtle blending of sexy and kickass. Note how she is standing in a position of strength, yet still provides eye-candy for the boys.

Notice how the focal point of the statue isn't on her breasts, but on her eyes and her weapon.

Notice how she's actually wearing less than MJ, but is taken far more seriously.

EDIT: Eris take me, I have finally succumbed to the LOLCat phenomenon:

Go here if you don't get the joke.


  1. Wait, what episode is that? Only, I have the boxed set and I can't remember the funny hat or the dead guy they ordered..

  2. Also, I'll see your cunning hat cat, and raise you a Longcat. is the funniest thing I've EVER seen. Well, maybe not ever. But this morning.

  3. Sweet Buttery Eris, Salem, how can you claim to have the box set and not recognize The Message, episode 12 and second of the three unaired?

    What's WRONG with you, man?

  4. Aw for pete's sake..

    There were THREE unaired? I'm so hardcore I'd *ahem* timeshifted the two unaired I'd known about. Now I'm going to have to go watch this. Excuse me while I go beat up my non-existant literary agent for not notifying me of this sooner.

    Of course I'll feel doubly foolish if I HAVE seen this episode and just don't remember..

  5. *waits patiently to mock Salem upon his return*

  6. Ahh...I have NOW seen The Message.

    Somehow I missed that, when perusing the boxed set. It's a true shame, as I think that's now my second favorite episode, after The Train Job. Very emotional stuff with Mal and Zoe and Knox from Angel, and some top-flight action sequences.

    Also, any time I see Kaylee now, I can't help but think of the Goth girl from Dead Like Me. Have you seen Dead Like Me, Erin? You should immediately watch it, if you have not. Both seasons of it. Best American sci-fi/supernatural show I've EVER seen, hands down.

  7. Oh yes, and some more nice work from my favorite Firefly character of all time (15 episodes and a movie - heh), Shepherd Book!


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