Friday, May 25, 2007

New Bonus Weekend Contributor!

I have heard you, my children.

I have heard you cry, "There isn't enough discussion of comic books!"

I have heard you cry, "Five days of updates aren't enough! We want consistent weekend coverage, too!"

I have heard you cry, "Show us your tits!" (Be prepared for disappointment on that count.)

I have heard you, and your cries have not been in vain. For tonight, I am pleased to inform you that I have found a cheap hack talented writer who will provide you with bonus weekend content, and fill in for me when I am unavailable.


Some of you may have heard of him.
  • He is a comic book writer, and his work has earned him two Eisner nominations.
  • He plays City of Heroes.
  • He is known for not wearing pants.
Some of you may know of whom I speak. I imagine many more of you do not. This is his first time writing a blog, so I expect you will all be patient with him as he finds his footing here. I'm sure you will all find common ground with him, and if you're very nice he just might show you his tits (See? Disappointment).

Tune in tomorrow for the senses-shattering debut of the man I call... The Guest Writer!

PS: Reader comments temporarily disabled so that the surprise isn't spoiled by blabbermouth smarty-pants.

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