Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Radion Accelerator Corps

You may not know it, but Auntie Palette is connected.

I have the inside dope on certain things. Certain very shiny things. I am the only outsider who knows them.

And if you are very, very good, I'll share my gao guhn information with you.

Some of you won't believe me at first. That's fine. When what I say starts coming true, I expect much bowing and scraping and begging forgiveness at my feet. Alternately, you may mollify me with offerings of plum wine and dark chocolate.

I have, among my legion of faithful readers (all one hundred of you -- I check my daily averages), at least one -- perhaps more (I am being vague to protect his/her/their identity) -- who work for Quantum Mechanix. I have dubbed this shadowy group my Radion Accelerator Corps, and if you don't get the pun you should be deeply ashamed of yourself.
"Mid-bulk Transport. Standard Radion Accelerator core. Class code 03-K64--Firefly." -- River Tam, "The Train Job"
Are you ready to hear what I know? Are you salivating yet? Crying to know more?

Mmm.... not today, I think. Perhaps tomorrow. I want you to be white-knuckled, ready to fall on your knees from anticipation.

EDIT: No, Firefly hasn't been picked up by another network. (I wish!) No, I mentioned Quantum Mechanix, and they make neat props and collectibles. That's what I have the scoop on.


  1. I will just have to wait. I don't like waiting. You made me read this on purpose.


  2. I am FAR to pessimistic to say you've been told Firefly was picked up by a network far smarter then Fox, so I won't say that. (Although that would make my soul a very happy place indeed.)

    I'll guess instead that perhaps a game company was smarter then most networks?

  3. If you have about 100 steady readers, wouldn't that be a centuria of followers and not a legion? =P

    ...and we need more Firefly. Especially Firefly series that ignore the semi-atrociousness of seriousness and "doom!" that was the movie.

  4. I even really liked the movie. Into every life a little Doom! (tm) must fall. I also thought it at least answered some of the River mystery.

    Ok Pal, its the next day, now spill the beans. Your centuria demands it.


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