Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"[For any] X, Firefly > X. Proof: Trivial."

I have a Serenity pin on my backpack. It's actually led to more conversations when I travel than anything else I carry with me. I've gathered enough evidence from enough places to say, with no embellishment, that cancelling Firefly was a crime against humanity. And if it isn't universally regarded as such, I'll edit Wikipedia tonight to make it true.
Both of these quotes can be found, of all places, on the D&D forums at

Special thanks to Gideon Lydiard for pointing this out to me.


  1. I will argue that Firefly > all =/= Doctor Who > Deep Space Nine.

    Roughly translated, Firefly (in the vernacular) pwns, second only to Doctor Who, oh and Deep Space Nine was quite nice as well.

    Yeah, yeah, I should have posted this here originally. Sorry about that, just woke up.

  2. There's something to be said about D&D geeks. I'm not sure what it is beyond their geekyness, but I'm sure there's something.

    -Locke, aka Sorata

  3. Oh my goodness... I somehow missed the first time around that you posted the quotes I sent you. I *thought* you'd like them! I'll let you know if I see anything else.



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