Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Some thoughts on Heroes

1. Heroes is not a comic book on television. Having characters with superpowers does not mean it is a superhero show. I think it's far more accurate to say it's televised manga.

2. As much as I love Hiro, I think I love Peter even more. He totally rocked that Matrix look and owned every single fight scene.

3. I kind of feel cheated by the final scene, but I understand why they did it that way. Still, they need to provide a badass Peter vs. Sylar fight scene soon, because I haven't stopped geeking out about it.


  1. I felt cheated that I didn't get to see more of badass ninja Hiro, after seeing so much hype over it.

    Peter, on the other hand. Total payoff, even if the full fight wasn't shown. I'm not entirely sure the entire fight COULD be shown, even in a fictional format, as it would be little more than two blinding sources of light, one orange-ish, and one slightly blue.

  2. I didn't think much of the Peter vs. Sylar cut scene. To be honest, it was all futility anyway-- it's a future that (probably) won't happen. I'd rather the fight be in the "here and now," with a battle to save the non-sucky world.

  3. I agree, Grem, which is why I said "I know why they did it that way."

    Salem: On the one hand, I wanted to see more Ninja Hiro as well. On the other... Hiro just isn't Hiro if he's not a goofy man-child. Ninjhiro makes me sad because he's lost that innocence.


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