Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Radion Accelerator Corps: Whitefall

All right, my little Browncoats, I've made you wait long enough.
Whitefall, the legendary artist who has created some of the most beloved Serenity-inspired derivative works, has been quietly recruited by Quantum Mechanix to help develop several new officially-licensed Serenity prop replicas. Expect an announcement to that effect in the none-too-distant future, along with details on the first prop to come from this collaboration.
"Lah dee dah," I hear you all saying. "Why should I give a feh feh pi goh about this?"

Here's why:

Here's a close-up of that upper-left corner:

Impressed? Whitefall made that. He's a fan who's crazy in love with Firefly/Serenity and makes awesome things like, say, Mal's Discharge Papers and Maps of Serenity Valley. You can find more his work here.

Now, if he can do incredible stuff like this on his own time, as a fan, can you imagine what kind of gao guhn he'll come up with now that he's working with QMx?

I cannot yet state with authority what he is working on-- deadlines are malleable things, and production delays occur -- but I assure you that it will be shiny.

The very femtosecond I know anything for certain, I will let you know.


  1. God bless you sweet Palette for keeping the flame burning in the Holy Shrine!

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  3. Firefly and Eris?! And Goth! Why haven't I been here before? The answer is, I have always been here. As far as Heliumpunk, I'm seriously intrigued. I'm currently working on a vampire novel where all the characters are famous writers. I think I may take you up on Constantine written by Poe. I'm also thinking of a comic book anthology featuring a different muscial genre preceded by "Cyber-" for each issue, the stories based on songs from each genre. anyway, just saying hi!


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