Thursday, September 13, 2007


Since both Troy and I posted something on Wednesday, there will be no post (other than this one) today. In effect, Troy's post is "today's".

That is all.


  1. I feel...I I've done something terribly wrong...

  2. If you'd just post on the weekend like I'd intended, no awkwardness would be felt.

    But Nooooooooo!

  3. You keep it up and I'll post every day...well, for a couple of days until you realize what I'm doing and ban me for life...


  4. Hey hey let's not fight. Isn't the goal, ultimately, that we all post simultaneously, instead of that awkward time waiting for the other person to post long after we've already posted?

    Wait..something's not right there..

  5. hmmm...I don't think two people posting in the same day can be used as two days posts...i'll have to check the handbook though to be sure.

  6. It counts because I say so. And because I'm a woman and you're a man, that makes me automatically right. :P

  7. That is sad.. now I won't have anything to add a spark of interest, humor, or curiosity to an otherwise boring day.

  8. But that was for Thursday, Cressa. Today is FRIDAY, which means I post!

    In fact, I'm working on one now.

    By the way, do your co-workers know about my blog? If not, you really should tell them about it. After all, the joy of reading my work should be shared by all!

    /shameless self-promotion

  9. Y'know, if you're hurting for blog entries, Cressa, there's always which, while NOT LINKED FROM THIS SITE is still occasionally entertaining and/or life-altering.

    /more shameless self-promotion...from the master!

  10. I'm glad, my days of the week are messed up this week because I had Monday off because my mom was visiting. And I think I read Wednesdays yesterday because they were posted later in the day.

    Sorry Troy, I am selective in my reading and I like Erins writing better. although sometimes your stories are amusing.

  11. Cressa, you have just made Erin's day! (which is good, because I think occasional irregularity is rendering her full of crankitosity of late!).

    And to our Paletteer, thanks for the link, even if it's to my sausage-fest!

  12. Is Pallateer anything like Privateer, which just a nice way of saying Pirate?

    If so, any chance we can get Erin into a ruffly shirt and eyepatch? Maybe get Greg Horn to do a painting of it?

  13. I always think of it as a combination of Palette and Rocketeer, which would look pretty cool.

  14. I'd give you that, if I knew what Erin looked like.

    *hint hint*

    Really though, a female Rocketeer would be pretty badass.


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