Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Twitter Palette

No chocolate ice cream in the house.

Found sushi instead.

Life suddenly isn't all bad....


  1. Yes.

    I have a box inside my house. It magically creates food and keeps it cold.

    Today it created sushi.

    I know it's magical because food keeps appearing even though I don't put anything into it (except my face).

  2. I love sushi with a passion, but I wouldn't eat FOUND sushi...

  3. Fuzzy fuckity Eris, it's not like it was in the spurious bottom left corner of the fridge next to the mystery meat or anything.

    It was on top of the cottage cheese, still in its plastic and foam container, and a good week from its expiration date. So nyah. ;P~

  4. How the fuck can the bottom left corner be "spurious"???

    And you're in a ooastal state. You can't get fresh, non-store-bought sushi?

    Criminy, it's not like you're in freakin' Indiana...

  5. Hey hey hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with "found food." Were that the case, such games as Final Fight, Rival Turf, and Streets of Rage would be guilty of misleading an entire generation of youth.

    Final Fight has you picking an entire Turkey dinner out of a barrel you've just smashed in a dingy back alley. Are you going to tell me that's not safe?

  6. You'll never hear Troy Hickman maligning barrel turkey...


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