Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WNW: Yar Har Fiddly Dee Dee

Yarr! Terday be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Drink yer some grog an' grab yer some booty! Soon ye'll be three sheets ta th' wind, like this feller:


  1. Yarr! I'll be keeping me deadlights on ye blog lass, 'cause there be only two excuses fer not bloggin', and that be wenching or groggin'.

    Myself, I'll be splicing the mainbrace down at the pub with a crew of Swedish pirates. Yarr!

  2. P.S:

  3. Yarr, that be some fine video booty!

    *pillages it for the SS Gothic*

  4. Arrr! What type of Pirate Wench be havin Pink hair?

  5. you know.. yar har fiddly dee dee actually sounds like a wierd cross between pirates and Gone with the Wind.. Although I suppose at times Scarlett and Rhett were rather Pirate like in their actions.. so maybe it does go together.

  6. Pirates and the antebellum south aren't terribly far removed from each other, to be honest. The Plantation owners of the period, 100 years earlier, were usually the ones running or doing heavy business with the East India company.

    Well, not them, themselves. That just turns it into a sci-fi Piracy Civil War movie. Which in and of itself wouldn't be that bad, come to think of it..


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