Monday, September 10, 2007

Now the time is here (for Iron Man)

For those of you who did not follow my instructions here, or who would like to see a higher-quality and slightly longer trailer for Iron Man, are encouraged to go here.


  1. I dig the fact that they start with him in a version of his grey armor. Robert Downey Jr. seems like he plays it too much like a smartass, though. I really hope they don't try to inject an anti-war message into this.

  2. Oh yeah, I'm sensing an anti-war message. We have a billionare weapons maker killing terrorists in a robot suit. The political implications are tremendous.

    Seriously though, I'm just glad they actually put sum fukkin black sabbath on that bitch! It would be a crime not to put 'Iron Man' on Iron Man.

    Be better if it starred Edward Norton. Everything would be better if it starred Edward Norton.

  3. Hey, if he's just a billionaire blowing the shit out of terrorists, I'll run him for Prez myself. But at times in the funnybooks, writers have wanted to impose a degree of guilt on Stark for creating weapons.

    I know it's crazy to think Hollywood would make a film with an anti-war message, but...

  4. I agree with Tau. Especially if it were porn.

  5. Troy, have you met Tony Stark? He's Marvel's reigning asshole. I don't think Downey's playing it ENOUGH of a smartass.

    Oh, and am I right in hearing that they cast Sam Muthfuggin Jackson as Nick Muthfuggin Fury?


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