Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mall Ninja Geardo Gun

I am a self-professed "geardo" and fan of weapon accessories, but even I feel that this degree of customization is a bit much.  It is, however, hilarious. To me, at least.

As contributor Jeff W. (who sent this to me) said, "Full of ammo, that thing would weigh like 25 pounds. That's almost 9lbs of ammunition alone."

And if you wince at all the Rule 2 violations, then you too just might be a gunnie. :)


  1. Gah!  I actively winced when he swept the camera.

    I will say that the gun serves its purpose, as they've already sold a lot of geardo grub from it.

    And weighing that much I'd bet it wouldn't rise much at all.

  2. I forgot to mention that I was disappointed at its lack of a melee weapon such as a bayonet or chainsaw.

  3. Don't forget the 10 pounds of spare batteries.

    Aside from the magazines, I've seen worse cases of over-accessorizing.

    And my favorite gun stores would throw customers out for that many safety violations.

  4.  Ah, I had the same thought in a different form - "Sure would be hard to hit somebody in the head with the butt of that without losing ammo and flashlights everywhere."  Chainsaw would solve that nicely.

  5. All I can say is "The stupid, it burns!"

  6. Huh,  yeah that is a big thing to be missing.

    It shoulda had like 4 bayonets and a mini knife. 


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