Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Gunday: Oleg at 25 feet

I had completely forgotten that there was an indoor pistol range in Daytona. As soon as I realized that, I grabbed my pistol and my holster and my CWP and I hightailed it over there.

Oh yeah, did I mention that?  My Concealed Weapons Permit* arrived last week! So now that I can legally carry and I have my spiffy new holster for carrying, I figured it was time to see how good I was at engagement range (25 feet or less) and make sure that my Crimson Trace Lasergrip was properly sighted in.

How did I do? Well, I achieved about a 95% hit ratio, and you can see that most of those are in nice juicy Important Organ Areas. I even got a bit cocky and started trying for headshots (note to self: get better before you try head-hunting).

So yes, I'd say I am quite proficient with my defensive sidearm at most engagement ranges. Next time, I'll try shooting at 50 feet and see how well I do.

Pew pew pew. 

*Sadly, NOT signed by Charles Bronson


  1. Good job. Let me know if you want some unsolicited advice.

  2. Oh sure. I'm guessing it's either "Learn to shoot without the laser, it's a crutch, what if the batteries die?" or "You have shitty trigger control/ you're hooking with your finger."

  3. I don't know about any of that. I'm not any kind of expert on lasers. I've never used one. Mostly because I'm too poor to afford one and not a cool enough blogger for Crimson Trace to send me one. As for trigger control, you certainly have some issues, but not the classic jerking the trigger or flinching thing. Overall, it looks pretty good.
    I think you’re using the wrong target is all. There’s the basic school of thought that says you should practice shooting humanoid targets so that you are used to shooting at people if you ever have to actually shoot a person. I get that. It’s an attempt to desensitize you. If you feel you need that right now, ignore my advice and keep using them.
    It’s just that those particular targets don’t give you a defined aim point. Since there isn’t a defined spot to shoot at, your point of aim wanders all over the paper, making your group open up and masking any trigger and sight alignment problems you might have. Don’t let anyone lie to you and tell you that your little gun isn’t accurate. It’s probably more accurate than either you or I will ever be.
    If you don’t need to desensitize yourself, I’d switch to smaller bullseye style targets. Most ranges have one that has 5 or 6 targets per page, which allows you to shoot 10 rounds at each one, using one target per box of ammo. That way you can measure yourself and get immediate feedback. Once you start to see how accurate you can be, you’ll learn to do it faster.

  4. I think I could easily shoot a person if I thought they meant me harm.

    I was aiming at the blue oblong in the center. It's not a perfect target, but it was something to aim at. 

    Thanks for the advice. I know the range has those mini-bullseye targets, so I'll get a few next time I'm there. 

  5. That's good advice, aim small and miss small.   I shoot a lot of humanoid targets but they have nice concentric scoring rings and a an x ring in the middle.

  6. On the humanoid targets you can also put a bit of masking tape in the center as an aim point.

    A black marker is also handy to keep in your range bag as you can gin up crude new targets on the cheap.

  7. LOL!  I'd forgoten about the Bronson permits!    Mine is signed by him!

    I can't remember if it was Robb Allen or McThag who pointed that out to me last time I was in Tampa.

    Good shooting!

  8. As memory serves, there are a collection of targets online with their circles cut up into pies based on what you are doing "wrong"... on the other hand, judging from a quick, glance at your distribution, I do not think you are doing any one thing wrong, so the general prescription would be "more practice" until you can isolate what might be "holding you back".  In any case, just make sure you get the right target for the proper hand...  

  9. Hi Erin, I was just following up on your gun purchase that Oleg was crusading some 5 months ago. I'm happy to see your progress! Your groups will tighten up with regular practice over time. Enjoy!


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