Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pellatarrum: Burial Rites for Dragons

Burial Rites: Dragons
Part 2 of "Dealing with the Undead"
by Demonic Bunny

Dragons die so rarely that there is no standard method of burial -- which is just the way dragons like it (both the “not dying” and the “not standard” part).

When dragons do die, it is often violently and in a spectacular manner which leaves very little left of the order, structure, and survivors necessary for an organized burial. Still, there have been some customs that have evolved throughout the ages.

If the dragon died in its lair, it is traditional to collapse the cave on top of it. If it died outside, it should be buried under rock (this is usually done by toppling a mountain or causing a landslide). What is important is that body should be difficult, if not impossible, to recover.

In the rare instance that there are any kobolds left after their master has died, it is considered a mark of respect to continue the secret draconic plots until there are no more plots to resolve. As such, if a dragon's network isn’t completely annihilated, it can be impossible to discern if a dragon is actually dead, as  schemes and plots created during its lifetime can continue for centuries after a dragon's death.

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