Thursday, June 28, 2012


Woke up with a headache like a spike stabbing into my eye. Which is always fun.

I'm going to phone this one in and post a nice video. The boys can appreciate the pretty girl and the girls can appreciate the pretty gun, and hopefully both of you can appreciate the amazing speed and fluidity of the shooter.


  1. That's impressive. I've tried something similar, but I always ended up dropping half my shells. But if she can do it, there's no excuse for me not being able to master it eventually with my larger hands.

    Then again, for field purposes, I shifted to loop carriers which will slow down grabbing the shells in the first place (I opted for securing the shells a little more, given that I expect to be crawling and such in the tactical scenarios I envision). Still though... impressive reload time.

    (And yes, Erin; I noticed the pretty girl. But I was concentrating on the technique. Must be getting old... oh, wait. I am.)

  2. Those that are REALLY good with shotguns are SCARY good.    I personally prefer to slap a fresh mag into my FAL.

  3. Damn. She's like faster with shells than I am with a box mag.

  4. Huh, I learned something today.  That's Lena Miculek.  Recognizing the last name, I looked up her dad, Jerry Miculek.  I can see why she's so good.  If you want to see someone work a revolver like a Boss, check out his videos.  He has superhuman speed.

  5. I think I want her as my safety buddy during the zombie apocalypse.

  6. Jerry, Kay, Lena, and maybe another member of the family all shoot for S&W. They are unbelievably talented. If memory serves me Kay's (jerry's wife) maiden name is Clark, of Clark customs for 1911s. 

    Truly they are freaky good.

  7. Wow, that is some fast accuracy. Very impressive!


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