Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WNW: Kicked Right in the Legal Briefs

No need for me to explain this one. You've probably already heard about the epic-level bitchslapping that web cartoonist Matthew Inman gave to douchebag lawyer Charles Carreon. If not, you can remedy this in three easy steps:
  1. Douchebag lawyer makes empty threat; cartoonist opens up can of whup-ass.
  2. The Internet catches wind of this and creates a flawless victory.
  3. Douchebag lawyer whines that it isn't fair someone can fight back.

The Internet is living thing, a gestalt consciousness and morality, and I laugh my ass off watching a predatory troll lawyer get his ass handed to him like this.


  1. Ninety percent of the lawyers give the other ten percent a bad name...

  2. Makes me feel like buying Inman a beer.

  3. i had to send in a contribution. couldn't send much but, hey, i like bears.

  4. There was a group that was going to go around and take everyone that posted portions of articles from their local newspaper online (blog posting mostly I presume) and make them pay up.  After the first few cases the law group went belly up.  The courts kept making them pay the defendents legal bills.

    I think your predatory lawyer here is likely O.K. in that regard because he is relying on information his client provided, but it sounds like we are getting close.


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