Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I applaud your evil audacity, sir or madame

I'm LOLing here. Clearly, someone understands my readership a little TOO well.

From the "Supporters" tab of Squeaky's YouCaring site:

Well done.  *golf claps*  Well done indeed. I especially like the fragmentary sentence to offend the grammar nazis.

Right now, the total sits at $5,613.  Sure, someone could add $2 and bring that up to an even $5620, but that wouldn't get them a $5 ticket. And adding $5 would bring the total to an un-round $5,618.  Clearly, fixing this problem while still getting a return on the investment would require a donation of $7 ... which might also annoy people who like giving in increments of five.

The best part?  I did some experimenting, and it looks like when you factor in the YouCaring expenses, the total donated by the troll comes out to... $3.14.

Pi was donated. 

The audacity here is breathtaking.

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