Monday, October 28, 2013

Squeak or Treat: More pictures!

You've only got 7 days to buy your raffle tickets and then the opportunity is LOST FOREVER.   Some of these prizes are one-of-a-kind and you may never again get a chance to get them!  So buy your tickets now -- isn't five or ten bucks worth the price of avoiding everlasting regret?

But seriously, I'm begging you guys here. We are so close to our final goal, with only $200 left to hit our target.  There are so many cool things here, and it only takes one (1) ticket to win!  If everyone who hasn't yet donated would buy just one $5 ticket, we'd be there in no time!

First up, my friend Taryn K. has finished her second batch of scented soaps, this time with a Christmas theme:

Top row, from left to right (scent-wise): Gingersnap, Cinnamon Sugar, and Hollyberry. The bottom row is Christmas Spice and Hot Cocoa. I will have to get more of the Hollyberry and Hot Cocoa scents. They smell soooo good!

Second, my friend Jim Wrench has finished the Celestia and Luna BronyMecha:

Celestia, "Sola Invicta":

Luna, "Nos Custodit":

 I swear to God, you guys, if I hadn't promised these for auction I would be keeping these for myself. They are THAT COOL.

And because enough folks have made "Squee!" noises about one or the other, they will be raffled separately.

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