Thursday, October 3, 2013

I have not forgotten about Pellatarrum

I just need to be kicked in the butt to be reminded to do it, is all.  As a writer, I am remarkably ADHD in that the posts and topics which generate the most interest and comments are the ones which are more likely to get further attention. If something falls off the radar, I tend to forget about it.

That said, I want to make Pellatarrum a regular feature of this blog again. So just writing this will (hopefully) keep me on track to write more about it. Perhaps a "Thursday Pellatarrum"? Or maybe just a generic "Gaming Thursday," so that Salem's article about computer gaming doesn't seem out of place.

(Brief aside:  I find it darkly funny that when I started this blog, I was in a strong Discordian phase. Now I seem to be moving towards increasing structure of my blog content.)

I was reminded of this because I had another D&D thought earlier today. I either overheard, or was reminded of, Blue Oyster Cult's song Veteran of the Psychic Wars.  My brother played that song on his stereo in the early 80s a lot, and before I was 10 I knew all the lyrics to it. (This probably goes a long way in explaining how and why I'm messed up.)

For a long time now -- not "since I was 10," obviously, but at least during the 90s when Planescape came out -- that song has made me think of a really cool idea for a D&D or Pathfinder campaign, and I'm going to share that idea with you.

Imagine an all-psionics campaign set entirely within the Astral Plane. The aesthetic is half Michael Moorcock, half Flash Gordon movie -- somewhere at the Venn Intersection of Trippy, Gonzo, and Grimdark.  The PCs get to fight Githyanki and Mind Flayers atop the floating, mummified corpses of dead gods, wielding Silver Swords and terrible mental powers, while living in an environment where gravity is subjective, time doesn't pass, and characters don't age, eat or sleep.

If someone decides to run a game like this, you are obligated to invite me to play in it.

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