Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hold on to your pants, folks...

... because you are liable to crap yourself with joy.

I have secured not one, not two, but five signed Larry Correia books for the raffle!

Now, unlike the Michael Williamson books, these are paperback. But you get your choice of the following:
  1. Monster Hunter International
  2. Monster Hunter Vendetta
  3. Monster Hunter Alpha
  4. Hard Magic
  5. Spellbound
Mr. Correia has multiple copies of these books, so it's not a first-come first-served kind of thing. If you win one of these (with a $10 ticket, natch), you pick the book you want, and not only he sign it for you, he will personalize it for you (he specifically mentioned "doing requests" in his reply). 

The Squeak or Treat raffle ends November 3rd -- that's this Sunday -- so be sure to get your tickets now!

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