Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update on Squeak or Treat Raffle

Some clarifications and some new goodies being added to the raffle! All of these are $10 ticket items.

Michael Z. Williamson has clarified that the two signed books he is offering are hardcovers, and you can choose from any of the following titles:
  • Do Unto Others
  • When Diplomacy Fails
  • Contract With Chaos
  • Rogue
  • Hero
  • Clan of the Claw
Again, all of these are hardcover. If there's another book you really want, he has it in paperback. 

Friend of the blog Troy Hickman is offering a signed copy of his trade paperback Common Grounds!

Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary fame has generously offered a numbered sketch edition of his latest book,  The Body Politic, and the number will "be in the high 800's or maybe low 900's." Winner chooses the sketch.

Brook West is donating an MHI Challenge Coin, to be delivered as soon as the product ships in Januray 2014.

Daniel G -- a gentleman I met over Facebook -- came to me and offered TWO HUNDRED ROUNDS of hand-loaded .45 ACP. Here is his info on the ingredients:
Here is the load info:   I use 185 grain Berrys Hollow base round nose bullets with an O.A.L of 1.250 inches and 5.7 grains of Bullseye powder. It's built as a light target load.

And Jennifer is offering -- as a sweetener, not as a raffle -- a recorded message of your choosing.

If at least one of these doesn't get you drooling with envy, there's something wrong with you! To enter, just make a donation at Squeaky's YouCaring site, then email me the PayPal receipt and indicate what combination of $5 and $10 tickets you want to purchase.

Donate early! Donate often! The drawing will be held on Halloween!

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