Monday, October 21, 2013

Squeaky Surgery Update (and more raffle information)

Good news!  Her surgery went off without a hitch, and the doctors were able to do everything laparoscopically, which means that her recovery time has been cut in half.   Big thank yous to everyone who prayed or offered up positive thoughts in her direction!

She went home about 8 pm last night, where she immediately washed her hair before going to bed. Last I heard, she was resting comfortably.

And to thank everyone who has donated to help with her surgical costs, the Squeak or Treat raffle continues through the first weekend of November. There are lots of awesome prizes to be won, and remember -- the more times you enter, the greater the chance you have of winning what you want!

For clarity's sake, I should mention that when you enter, you aren't just assigned something at random if you win.  What I do is, first I will draw to see who wins. Then I contact the winners and tell them to give me a list of, say, their top 5 prizes.  The first winner gets #1 on his list, and the second winner gets the first item on his list -- unless the first winner claimed that, in which case he gets #2 on his list, and so forth.  By this method, I hope to pair up prizes with people who really, really want them!

Speaking of prizes -- there's a new addition! Echo Sling is offering up not one, but TWO -- one brown, one tan -- of their "tougher than a German Shepherd" slings. Each one is a $5 ticket item.

The two on the left, clearly. 

Please continue to donate!  We are only $420 away from our target goal!

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  1. Thanks, everyone, for the donations and the raffle items! <3


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