Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More proof I am actually a girl

Quoting a Facebook friend who was speaking in my voice after I posted this link:
"I just ordered more shotgun ammo and, SQUEEEEEE!, precious tiny dragon gaming dice keepers!"

You are such a girl.
I am, and thank you for noticing. ♥

But really, how can you NOT find these precious and adorable?

They're holding tails while they sleep oh my god OH MY GAWWWWWDDDD !!!!!

Stage direction: Erin runs around the room, flailing her arms like Kermit the Frog, whilst making incoherent "squee"-ing noises. 

These are just so adorable I don't know what to do with myself.  I desperately want one (or all) or them. But then, how could I use my dice?  I CAN'T TAKE DICE AWAY FROM THESE ADORABLE DRAGONS.

Becca Golins' DeviantArt gallery may be found here

ZOMG SHE MAKES PONIES TOO!!!   AHHHHH!   *dies of cuteness overload*.


  1. Is that bolt something I can order? Also- something tells me you'd like this stock-

  2. Sadly, that end-piece seems to be a one-off design from someone who no longer answers his emails. This is a pity, as it's VERY well designed! I'd love to recommend it to folks.

    And that rifle stock is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. thx for the info, I saw a similar bolt like that once, must be someone's specialty & not an "issued" design. & I agree- that stock looks reeeeeal sexy to me. Might have to add it to the family...


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