Saturday, March 24, 2007

Because I love to spread pain

Earlier tonight, I was talking with Chris "ISB" Sims about his mother, who had a heart attack on Wednesday. She's fine now, he said, but didn't really feel like doing another post until Monday.

I can totally groove to that, but I suggested that maybe he could do a quick update to let everyone else know that she was okay and back at home. Chris agreed, but not before calling me "Little Miss Demandypants."

(This is the point where folks who know me are already bracing in preparation for the horror which will come out of my mouth.)

I then wondered aloud, "If I'm Little Miss Demandypants, does that mean I wear Demandypanties?"

(I warned you.)

"And," I further speculated, "what would said Demandypanties look like?"

For some strange reason, my mind imagines them as a strange combo of leather or latex, and a Depends undergarment. It's like fetishwear for the incontinent.

There. Scrub that image from your mind. If I have to suffer, so do you.

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