Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Erin Palette: Fashion Consultant to Super Heroes

Yesterday, the ISB linked to me. In that 24 hour period, I had 3,200 page views. Of those, 1,400 stayed long enough to read something.

To say I'm bewildered is an understatement. Much like a nameless thug in a Jim Aparo issue of Batman, I have been hit so hard that I exploded.

It's a good kind of exploded, though.

It gets better, though. I was also discovered by a LiveJournal friend community. Neilalien linked to me. BeaucoupKevin and My Fucking Sound both contributed to what is becoming known as a "Literary Mash-Up."

And then Newsarama linked to me. Hear that? That sound is me shrieking with glee. I feel like a band geek (clarinets represent, yo) who has finally made good and is now sitting with the cheerleaders and football players at lunchtime.

I'm tempted to ask folks to Slashdot me. My only real concern is that, properly executed, Slashdotting is effectively a Denial of Service attack due to the sheer amount of bandwidth consumed. But if it happens, I won't complain. I'll finally be Homecoming Queen!

Oh, yes, the title of this post. I need to work in some relevance, don't you think?

In the same Newsarama post that linked to me, I found a link to Facedown in the Gutters, where the author asks that readers help think up a new chest emblem for Damage, since the whole biohazard symbol made zero sense. He's not diseased or infectious, after all!

Faithful readers know I am a longtime fan of City of Heroes and enjoy making costumes, so one quick jaunt into the handy costume creator and presto:

I think a giant red "Comin' right atcha!" fist strikes just the right tone.

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