Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Captain America, F#$K YEAH!

Mightygodking is The Man. He has photoshopped the entirety of Civil War and replaced the dialog with satire, thus crafting not only comedic gold but also telling a tale that makes a hell of a lot more sense. I mean, if 90% of your characters act like retards, it's only fitting to give them retarded motivations and retarded dialog.

Link orgy!

Civil War #1

Civil War #2

Civil War #3

Civil War #4

Civil War #5

Civil War #6

Civil War #7

Incredible, right? Don't you wish you had read these instead of buying Civil War? Because that way, you would have gotten the story while saving money and countless brain cells!

But this... this is brilliant. This is epic. This is ne plus ultra. This is the literal apotheosis of awesomesauce right here:

Frontline #11

I swear, I want to have sex with that dialog, it is so damn awesome.

... holy crap. When did this turn into a comic book blog??

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