Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reader Appreciation Day

Dear Cochise: I love you because you posted a link to my "Batman by Palahniuk" post over at Something Awful. That's simply awesome of you to do.

Rkik Dnec: You posted the same link to Comics Haven. I love you too, even if you sound like a sneeze.

Stumpy: I'm glad to have you as a stalker, but you need to get in line behind....

Johnny Velocity: My original web stalker. You send me a love note after my first post and you've commented on nearly every single one after that. When I take over the world, I will dress you in Slave Leia's metal bikini and you may lounge near my throne. (P.S. for the humor-impaired: JV is a boy.)

And finally, my good dear friend En-Babel submitted some more ideas regarding my Literary Challenge:
I thought of a few more challenges to add to your blog list. I'm too swamped now to try these on my own, but they're fun to think about. I would love to see what you would do with them.

The Green Lantern, as written by J.R.R Tolkien
--- Very obvious, this one. The 'Lord of the Ring' pun has been done to death, true, but could be fun to draw parallels between the Guardians and the Maiar.

Aquaman, as written by Jules Verne
--- Also obvious. Aquaman as terrorist Nemo would be easy, maybe too easy.

The Phantom, as written by Joseph Conrad
--- Jungle hero + Heart of Darkness

The Fantastic Four, as written by William Shakespeare
--- I think I like this one the most, if only because Dr. Doom would make a wonderful Shakespearean villian. Consider: Dr. Doom is to Ben Grimm as Iago is to Othello. The Torch is obviously the comic relief character that Shakespeare puts in all his tragedies. Probably the hardest to write.

The Teen Titans, as written by Mark Twain
--- This just makes me giggle.
Giggle indeed. Now I have an image of Changeling and Cyborg poling a raft shaped like a "T" down the East River. "Mah name's Garth Logan. Y'all don't know me less'n you've read a book called Doom Patrol, but that don't matter none..." Hee hee!

Also: Tomorrow is my birthday! I will be coughmumblemumblety-four years old. All I desire are your birthday wishes.

And Eastern Europe.

Also, a pony.

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