Thursday, March 8, 2007

In Memoriam

Our flag has fallen.
How dare you let it touch the ground?
Pick him up, honor him, fear not the blood from his wound;
Even in death, he proudly bears the colors of his country.

Lift him high upon his shield
In the manner of the ancient Greeks;
This was his Thermopylae.
His blood shed to pad the egos
Of preening artists, for whom the desecration
Of a beloved symbol gives them erections.
Are you proud? Now that this man, this symbol, this hero
Has been mocked, made irrelevant, murdered?
Joe Quesada! You have managed, like a cretinous baboon,
To fling your feces across that which I once loved.
You have shit upon the entire Marvel Universe.
In Dante's hell, there is room enough for you.

(Special thanks to BridgeCrew Dave for letting me use his picture)

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