Monday, March 19, 2007

Greetings and Obfuscations




Great Eris, there are a lot of you, aren't there? I mean, Chris mentioned that he'd link to me, but I thought I had a few hours to get the place ready. Um... please, come in! Make yourself at home!

Oh, where are my manners? My name is Erin Palette, and welcome to Lurking Rhythmically. I'm basically an over-literate goth girl who subreferences like Dennis Miller. My formal introduction can be found here, and a more thorough description can be found here. Those wondering about the name of this blog are kindly directed here.

My main interests are such things as Firefly, the Goth scene, Discordianism, and writing short vignettes about comic book characters in the styles of different authors. ISB readers, please hit those first. Those of you inclined towards creative writing are encouraged to participate in the challenge I issued a while back.

Oh, LiveJournal people! Welcome, yes, welcome! Glad to have you all. You'll want to check out my essays on Eris, which are a regular feature here at LR. You'll particularly enjoy Discordian Week, which garnered me praise from Steve Jackson himself.

No, Peter Jackson did the Lord of the Rings movies. Steve Jackson makes board and roleplaying games. Don't feel bad, they look a bit alike.

Speaking of movies, I sometimes review them.

Heliumpunk (abbreviated He@) is a science fiction subgenre I have invented. A novel is currently in the works.

Hopefully, all of my previous entries will keep you entertained long enough for me to run out and buy enough beer for all of you. A much larger (and more entertaining) post will be out Monday afternoon, as surely as the moon rises each night.

At any rate, I hope you like the place. Feel free to nose around and drop me a comment if you wouldn't mind -- I'm an attention whore and live for feedback!

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