Friday, March 9, 2007

Why I Do What I Do

Regarding Discordian Week, and printed with permission:
OK . . . interesting connections! Mal/Malaclypse, HEE!

Yep, I'm a Firefly fan.

This all makes WAY TOO MUCH SENSE.

Thanks for pointing me to your ranting. Good ranting. Hail Eris!
You want to know who wrote that email? Steve Jackson. STEVE EFFING JACKSON!

I am officially validated as a writer now.

And really, that was the entire point behind starting this blog. See, I've been an aspiring writer for quite some time, except that somewhere along the way, I'd convinced myself that I had writers's block.

And I had it for ten years.

Want to know the difference between an aspiring writer and an actual writer? The actual writer gets off her duff and practices her craft every day, because she realizes that without practice and exposure and a decent portfolio she'll never get published.

Getting published isn't validation, it's getting paid to do something you love. The validation comes from writing something heartfelt and having someone whose opinion you respect look at your work and go, "Yeah, that's good stuff."

I started this blog to stretch my writing muscles, to get back into the habit. I figured maybe, if I took it slowly, I'd have something decent three times a week. But once I got started, once I immersed myself in the joy and beauty of writing for the sheer pleasure of it, I discovered it was as addictive as coffee or City of Heroes. There are some days I find myself wanting to write more, more, more, and curse this feeble fleshy body for its demands of food and sleep!

I love writing. I want to do it for a living. Ideally, I'd love to write comics for Vertigo, supplementing my income with the occasional RPG game, while I slowly work on that Grand Novel that I know I have inside of me.

It's been a long time in coming, but I have found my dream. Now I just need someone who can help me achieve it.

If you are a role-playing game company looking for a writer to work on a chapter, contact me.

If you are a cartoonist who wants to start a webcomic but needs a writer, contact me.

If you are a publisher willing to gamble on me being the Next Big Thing -- please, please, contact me.

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