Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Studio Apt, all mod cons, corpse hatch, murder room

So this guy rents an apartment....

Discovers a trap door...

Opens it, finds stairs underneath...

Goes exploring, finds  a secret passage underneath...

And finds... well, go see for yourself, but I maintain that's either a vampire's crypt or a sacrificial murder room.  The soft, freshly disturbed earth is particularly terrifying.

On the one hand, this is incredibly cool, as the renter has just doubled his usable space without increasing his rent at all. And if you're a goth, or a D&D gamer, you have instant ambiance!

On the other hand, I have such a hyperactive imagination that this would scare the living shit out of me. I'd have to, at the minimum, park an anvil on the trapdoor.  Even if I don't believe in ghosts and vampires, my subconscious mind likes to entertain the possibilities thereof.  And that doesn't even take into account vermin, mold, and other nastiness which might make it's way up... and are you CERTAIN there isn't another way in?

It's very cool, but I don't think I could live there.


  1. I feel like finding that would make me glad of my Sub2k's compact size. Such a hidden tunnel seems like it would attract unsavory types, unsavory types I would rather not meet in my basement or without an autoloading longarm.

    That said, once it had been initially cleared and deemed safe (such as it is), I'd probably have someone come in to take a look in case of past unpleasantness. Then probably clean the place up, because seriously, it's a dungeon, which is kind of awesome. I'm mostly immune to weird creepy stuff, by virtue of weird creepy stuff while growing up (fun to inflict on my players, though).

  2. The S2K is practically made for tunnel fighting, isn't it? Especially when complemented with an insanely bright tactical light and a 33-round magazine...

    I <3 my subbie. :D

  3. Need to get my own one finished up again, and actually have sights on it. Got it all taken apart because I'm designing some custom ones that give it elevation front adjustment and windage rear, and make the sights actually tall enough for me to use. The sub2k is many things, but "Made for people over 6' tall" is most assuredly not one of them. Not one of the people near to my size who's tried it has been able to use the standard sights comfortably.

    The drop-in sight conversion thread on KTOG is/was mine, should you happen to know someone desirous of upgraded sights. I am sadly a tad on the poor-college-student side to give out free samples for review (assuming I get it into production before I graduate and start making engineering bucks), or I'd send you a set to try out if you so desired.

  4. Heh. I'm 5'5 on the best of days and I have what can be described as "Hobbit hands," so the S2K is perfectly suited for me. :)

    Don't worry about the sights (although I'd be happy to review them any time you can afford T&E samples) -- I have a nice co-witness setup with a red dot.

  5. heh...that's fair. :) IF this is a ghost, we're fairly sure it's a teenager and doesn't seem to hate us. in fact, it seems to hate my partner for buying and loving this house. we live in a 100 year old Victorian and when he bought it the thing was unlivable. he put a year of hard work into this house to make it a home. he's been here ever since - some 14 years, now, i believe.

    i can honestly say i do not fear whatever this is.


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