Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I like it when people give me things.  In fact, it's pretty much a goal of mine to convince the Internet to give me things for free.

I am at least part of the way there:

This is a can opener used to open Soviet military surplus ammo "spam" cans. They typically come one to a crate, with two cans per crate, so if you order just the one can you usually don't get one. My friend Jeff W. has ordered several crates of Mosin ammo, and he was kind enough to send me a spare for my single can.

Also in the package were these:

Buttons of the Mane 6 + Celestia from a network giveaway a while back. Amusingly, Fluttershy's pin hid in the envelope when I poured the others out and I had to go looking for her when I realized I was a pony, um, shy.

These will go great with my Derpy pin!

Amusingly, Derpy is larger than the other pins.

Seems almost fitting!  Now I just need some kind of pony-themed jacket or vest where I can properly display my swag.

Speaking of ponies, this is the spiffy gun belt that matches my Luna holster:

The proper name for that shade is "Yale Blue." I think it matches Luna's mane perfectly!

This belt is awesome. It's sturdy enough to comfortably carry my pistol, but small and flexible enough that I can put it through most belt loops. (Also, it doesn't cover Luna's horn. This was, believe it or not, a design requirement.)  And it's very very comfortable.

Finally, this was also made my Michael's Custom Holsters. I am told it is the first inside the waistband ammo carrier he has ever made.(Possibly in existence? I'm not sure how common these are.) Yes, those are full-size Glock 17 magazines.

In conclusion:  Please send me cool things for free, Internet. In return I shall blog about them. Sound good?


  1. There are other IWB mag holders out there. I've tried it, but... there's only so much you can stuff into your pants before it's obvious you're concealing something. There's also only so much I could cram in there before hitting my comfort threshold, especially in hot weather. Depending on circumstances, my spare goes into a belt pouch which looks like a multitool/folding knife pouch, or just into a pocket. But that's just me. If it works for you, do it.

  2. " there's only so much you can stuff into your pants before it's obvious you're concealing something"

    Oldie but goodie.

  3. So the furry hat is to distract from the printing?  I imagine the buttons would work the same way.

  4. ignorant-redneckJune 23, 2012 at 7:01 PM

    Ms. Pallette, i suspect we have very little in common, but I have enjoyed discovering your blog.  should you enjoy reading the thoughts of someone you will possibly decide is your sworn enemy, check out "Redneck Reflections--http://sadcatholic.blogspot.com  That's mine.

  5.  And why would I want to be your sworn enemy? "Don't start none, won't be none," that's my motto.

  6. ignorant-redneckJune 23, 2012 at 8:29 PM

     BTW--I have a new poll up on the blog, and would be honored if you would vote in it.

    I dare you to find a pink (not owner painted!) Carcano or Ishapore L2A!

  7. Before I vote I need to know what kind of mole men we're talking about here...


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