Thursday, August 1, 2013

Evict Lyme Deadline Extension

Y'all were awesome last night! Sayeth Jennifer:
Well, it seems everyone visiting to get their donations in crashed my blog. That’s what you were doing, right? Right?!?!?

Yeah, you get until midnight 8/1 since the site went down and my host hasn’t confirmed that it is fixed. Obviously, this was out of your control. So you get a reprieve and more time to donate.

So yes, you now have until midnight Central time tonight to get in those last-minute contributions! Squeaky says she's almost at 40% of her goal and would really, really like it if she could reach 50% by tonight.

In order to encourage you folks to donate, I will give you the video hangout that Squeaky started when the chat Jennifer had ended up slow and annoying. It runs for 3.5 hours and rambles in places, BUT there are some moments of hilarity early on as I imitate dance music ("unch unch unch unch") and then close it out with some beatboxing of dubious quality.  I'm pretty much the life of the party as I am drinking Malibu rum, am sleep-deprived, and my good-sense filters have been manually deactivated.

Yes, like every other conversation that I'm in, it quickly turns filthy. That's basically my super-power.

(You'll want to fast-forward to 6:35. That's when I show up and shit gets interesting.)

Donate today!

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