Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Squeaky just sent me an email with the following missive:
Erin: I see the poll has the Jabberwock in 1st, and 50 Shades in 2nd for the dramatic reading. Tell everyone I will do the second place finisher - if it's Jabberwock, I will do it in the proper Olde English, and if it's 50 Shades, I will do my "phone sex" voice, which is everyone else's "receptionist" voice (seriously, I got asked out too many times while working was creepy).

You realize, of course, that having 50 Shades come in second place MUST HAPPEN.  That way you get the following:

  1. A happy Erin
  2. A sexy Squeaky
  3. Two readings for the price of one. 
Chop chop, people!  :D


  1. Discovering the two contenders neck-and-neck, I have acted immediately to restore the desired balance!


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