Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just a thought

Yesterday a loyal reader alerted me to a post wherein a curmudgeonly sort seemed irritated that people had the gall to like a TV show about magical cartoon ponies. (No, I'm not going to give a link back, because I don't believe in giving free press to haters.)   The comments were about what you'd expect, with both ends of the spectrum covered, from "Fans of MLP are a scourge upon humanity" to "Had this been me growing up, my Dad wold have kicked my ass for it and I'd have thanked him."

No doubt some of you are thinking my objection to this are a defense of my fandom, and I will grant that you are partially correct. However, let's unpack this for discussion because there's more to this going on. 

1. "Adult fans of the show need to have their asses kicked."
So you're advocating, even in jest, the abuse of people who like something you do not like because you think is effeminate?  Why don't you just be forthright with your bigotry and say "I hates me some fags, and I sure do like stompin' on 'em. They need toughenin' up. Smear that queer!"  Because then at least you'd be honest about your motivations. 

So that attitude of yours?  YOU are why I carry a gun. Think about that. 

2. "You're all stupid and immature for liking this."
Let me just pull out a few more phrases and let me see if any of them sound familiar to you. 
  • The more you talk about My Little Pony, the smaller I think your penis is. 
  • I’m not interested in My Little Pony I was blessed with a big dick. But I understand the impotent pantywaists who need them to play with.
  • Is there a way to substitute a different compensation item instead of My Little Pony for insecure young and middle-aged men?

Seem familiar?  These phrases were taken from the first two "Markley's Law" pages of Joe Huffman's blog. I just substituted "My Little Pony" for "guns".  And yet, I've heard arguments against MLP that are nearly clones of these. 

My point here is that the moment any of us label a hobby as immature/faggy/in need of a good asskicking, we are doing exactly what the Brady Bunch and Joyce Foundation and CGSV do to gun owners. They call us immature and prone to violence and dumb rednecks and, if you’re male, desperately trying to compensate for a tiny penis. Gunnies who hate people who like MLP... call us immature and faggots and prone to pedophilia and, if you're male, desperately trying to compensate for not having a vagina.

Can you folks not see that you are doing to other people exactly the same crap as the antis are doing to us? You’re better than that. Stop it.

In conclusion:


  1. Stuart the VikingAugust 7, 2013 at 3:10 PM

    My 6 yo daughter has recently discovered MLP videos on the web. Since I don't let my little ones just internet without me providing some over watch to make sure they don't get into something they shouldn't, I have had MLP songs stuck in my head a lot lately. I have to say, I personally don't "get it" but if it's what you like, then why should anyone give you static about it? I'm sure they like things that other people would consider dumb (hell, they are probably sports fans. Oh the things we could say about fully grown men in tight pants running around a field "tackling" each other and trying to take their ball, and the people who watch such things fanatically).

    Keep being you. Forget the haters.


  2. Or guys in tight pants, hitting a ball with a phallic shaped stick, then smacking each other on the butt when they get back to the dugout.

  3. I've noticed a tendency among many of the pro-gun sites that the only freedom they'll allow for is guns. If you don't march lock-step with them on a whole list of decidedly Christian things you're The Other®.

    The logic used to arrive at the intractable positions is quite often identical to the reasoning the antis use to justify banning guns. Gods forbid you call them on it too, Saint DuToit banned me for pointing it his hypocrisy; for example.

  4. You were banned by Kim DuToit? Now that is a story I'd like to hear!

  5. Personally I can't stand American TV. The clips that show up here occasionally are short enough that they are enjoyable, but they are over before I start getting annoyed.

    These days I usually watch foreign shows, including a lot of anime. Subtitled anime, the dubbed stuff doesn't engage enough of my mind to be bearable. Also, a culture's fiction can tell you a lot about the culture. It's much easier to see this when looking at something that has a higher contrast to where I live. I've learned a lot about the values of the Japanese. From that I've also learned to see the values of American society, that's why I can't stand American TV.

    So, I hope I don't come across as a dick. Animation in English rarely engages enough of my mind for me to not get irritated.

  6. The Curmudgeon in question is actually a good guy, and he writes damn well. Thought of you when I read his post. And I see the heavyweights have neighed in over there so all is well :-)

  7. I'm not so much irritated AT his post (although it bugs me that there are people who find my fandom -- not what I'm a fan of, but my fandom itself -- to be a bad or annoying thing), but at the fact that it enabled about a half-dozen assholes in the comments to say things like "If I had been a brony as a child, my father would have kicked my ass and I would have thanked him for it later."

    Hating a thing = Okay
    Hating people who like a thing* = Not Okay

    * So long as said thing is legal

  8. I believe you misquoted one of the commentors on that blog. The correct quote was, "If I was one when I was younger, my Dad would have done me a favor by giving me an ass kicking." I can see you taking offense the "Idiots" comment though. What I got out of the the blog was just a little poking fun. No one used the the term "Fags" (you interpreted that) and certainly no one disparaged MLP fans personally, except for the "Idiots" comment. I myself am into model trains, and I think it is funny, albeit a little strange, when some guy dresses up as an engineer at the train show, or the guy at the gun show who dresses up in military camouflage even though he has never served.

  9. If I was one when I was younger, my Dad would have done me a favor by giving me an ass kicking."

    By using "done me a favor," the speaker says he feels that his father kicking his ass for being a fan of MLP was the right course of action.

    It is therefore logical to infer that the speaker is in favor of ass-kicking for all people who are "one of them."

    It's really not at all a stretch to go from that quote to "All them bronies need their asses kicked."

    Threats of physical abuse as correction for liking something that isn't socially approved beyond a very narrow demographic -- gee, where have we heard that before?

  10. If he hadn't taken down his blog I'd link it.

  11. But since he has taken it down, now you have no choice but to tell it! :D

  12. This all makes sense if we either know the person making the comment OR narrowly type cast his comment beyond just trying to make a joke. Unfortunately much can be interpreted as to the tone of the written word without face to face conversation. I believe you are taking one comment and making a generalization about this person which is what you don't want folks to do about MLP.

    To the outsider, MLP does not seem the norm for adult men as the target demographic for sales are or at least were young girls. I have never understood beanie babies either. Having said that, if your a guy and want to collect MLP, more power to you. That's what makes this country great. I just think your rushing to judgement.

  13. I don't know what it is. But out there, in the harsh cruel Internet, I too hate MLP and its fans.

    But I come here, and I love MLP and Bronies. I am in harmony with the Pony. I read every MPL posting of yours and revel in the joy.

    Then I go back out into the harsh, cruel Internet and the feeling returns.

    I can't explain it.

  14. "It is therefore logical to infer that the speaker is in favor of ass-kicking for all people who are "one of them."

    It's really not at all a stretch to go from that quote to "All them bronies need their asses kicked.""

    Have to call hasty generalization on that. Was his phrasing a little jerk-y? Absolutely. Can one reasonably extrapolate that out to "All them bronies need their asses kicked."? I don't see it.

  15. Tell you what: since you and Mingo have said I'm making leaps or taking things out of context, I replied directly to the person who said this and asked him, point blank, if he feels adult MLP fans need their asses kicked. We shall see what he says in reply.

    If he *doesn't* reply, I maintain that my interpretation is correct and he isn't answering out of shame or fear of censure.

  16. If he does in fact mean it that way, then he's a tool of the first rank and *should* be censured and/or shamed.

  17. I don't think there has been a single week of my life where somebody hasn't asked me my age at the very least when it came to things I have enjoyed. I'm at a point in my life where understanding on my part isn't required for me to fully endorse somebody else getting value out of something I don't personally as long as they aren't harming themselves or others. It seems like many people have tolerance only within their limited spheres or the orbiting spheres of those close to them where they have experienced intolerance themselves or been close to it.

    I'm not saying I am tolerant, but I try to keep my trap shut and judge harshly in my head.

  18. For the record, it's been over a week and the person who made that comment has not replied. Per the terms above, my interpretation is the correct one.

    If it still troubles you, then I invite you to dig out his email from the link to his wordpress blog (wherever it might be hiding) and ask him directly. Of course, he still might not respond.


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