Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Catching Up

It is with wry amusement that I note that I haven't done any of my regular posts yet, despite having posted every day this week.  I suppose I could fix that by making multiple posts, but.... eh, fuckit. I'm lazy, and besides I find it amusing to mash these together.

Monday Gunday

This is a video that I found via Failure to Fire and had kept for a rainy day. If you're at all interested in the difference between size, appearance, and performance of various handgun calibers (Miakoda, I'm looking at you), this will be both entertaining and informative.  Gunnies will probably just find it mildly amusing.

Traveller Tuesday

This website is a dandy app for people running a merchant campaign but, like me, don't like doing math on the fly. It calculates passengers, freight, and speculative cargo as well as the possibility of carrying mail. It has some quirks, but I'm talking to the fellow who wrote it and improvements are being made.

Wednesday Night Wackiness

All right, so this video isn't especially wacky. It's still an impressive because it successfully mashes classical and dubstep into one heck of an earworm. Enjoy!

There. All caught up!


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only fan of The Yankee Marshal. I find most of his videos to be informative. At least the ones I can listen to without being distracted by his running gags projected on the screen.

  2. YM rules. But sometimes i have to make sure i have time to watch and read as well as listen

  3. I'm not a cheap bastard! I just really like .380. :-( He hurt my feelings with his otherwise-hilarious captions. I have a 9mm, it's just full-sized, and I can kill someone with either, so what does it matter? Boooo. I also have a 9x18 right now. I'm comfy. "Cheap bastard..." *grumble grumble*

    The rest of it was amusing. I have no other

  4. He's way off base with that remark. The most expensive pistol I own is my .380. Also, .380 ammo costs almost the same as .45 ACP. 9mm and even .40 S&W are generally cheaper.

  5. Nice mashup... :-)


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