Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moar Poniez

Sunday has basically become my day to post cute/awesome/funny pony pics on this blog.  I wonder if I should just give in and make a "Sunday Pony Sunday" tag.

And now, videos!

First up, from the creators of (and as a sequel to) Epic Wub Time, we have Sunrise Surprise:

Next up is Project Thundercloud, which honestly feels a bit unfinished -- like it might be an extra-long trailer for a movie or something. Sadly, I think it is finished, and this video won't be expanded upon. That's a shame, because it gives a lovely look at the origin and history of Derpy Hooves, and is voiced Bald Dumbo Rat, aka "That girl who YouTube has decided sounds most like how Derpy should sound."

And finally we have Button's Adventures, which is hopefully the first in a series.  I adore this video because it shows a child character acting  like a child. It just rings true to me. And it's funny as well!

Goodnight everyone! Have a nice work week, and if your Monday starts off badly, I hope these cheer you up!


  1. Great.
    Now anytime I listen to that frikkin U2 song, the lyrics will change in my head.

  2. I honestly don't know what U2 song you're talking about.

  3. Sunday Bloody Sunday.
    Actually had nothing to do with the videos, only the way you put your words together.
    Sorry, sometimes I make weird associations.


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